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Engagement Photographer

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Everything you need to know about your engagement session

Congratulations on your amazing engagement!!!
As you are starting planning one of the special days of your lives, you are here, trying to figure out everything you need to do to prepare for your engagement session, maybe even wondering if you need an engagement session!
And the answer is YES!
I truly love capturing this special time in your lives! This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, and feel comfortable with each other before you wedding day!

This helps me so I already know that you prefer your right side of your face, you LOVE doing the dip pose, and your partner, who maybe didn't want to get the photos done, now knows how freaking cool I am, and is excited themselves for their photos!
                  Imagine that!!!
So let's plan a day, pick a location that is meaningful to you
Oh yes, I travel! If your wedding is in San Francisco but wants to capture your engagement session at Red Rock in Las Vegas? Let's do it!
These images, like the rest of this entire process, is all about you!

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